MAC Brooklyn’s SCULPT programs are designed to create length and definition from head to toe. Our holistic approach conditions every aspect of the human body, addressing each muscle group so together they become more dynamic, powerful, responsive, and attractive.

Body Sculpting

Using free weights to sculpt and tone the entire body, this class begins with the lower body doing squats then lunges into upper body combinations.
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MON – 6:00 PM
WED – 5:30 PM

Body Blast

Constant movement while doing stations that focus on lower body into upper and core work. Use of weights promote strength and increased bone density while burring calories and keeping the heart rate up.

TUE – 7:00 AM

Express Abs

Crunched for time? Let’s zero in and focus on the critical area that holds our back up, our Abs and let’s burn them to exhaustion!

THU – 1:00 PM


Suspension training body weight exercises develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. Try this invigorating, time-efficient, and safe workout today to help achieve a total-body transformation all fitness levels.

FRI – 6:00 PM
Sculpt Classes at Manhattan Athletic Club, Downtown Brooklyn

TRX Obstacle Course Training

It’s Obstacle Course Training Season! Get ready for obstacle course-simulating circuits that use the TRX, free weights, boxes, balls, monkey bars, and of course, bodyweight. This dynamic indoor-outdoor class will give you the functional strength and conditioning you will need to dominate obstacle course events. All levels are welcome. Using our TRX S Frame!

MON – 12:30 PM
WED – 12:30 PM