MAC Brooklyn’s PUMP programs are designed to improve cardio endurance while toning specific muscle groups. From interval training and jump rope exercises to boot camp and spin classes, MAC Brooklyn offers routines that create a stronger heart and a more powerful spirit.


A high intensity total body workout for intermediate and advanced members. We work on strength and conditioning and total body fitness focusing on everything from functional movements, core as well as grip strength. If your a busy professional with only limited time to exercise this workout is all you need!

MON, WED – 6:15 AM
THU – 12:00 PM, 6:00 PM
FRI – 12:00 PM

Cycle Burn

A fantastic heart pumping workout taught on a stationary bike. You will climb, sprint, and train to invigorating music; some cycling classes will also offer strength training exercises using dumbbells and incorporate a serious of core related calisthenics as well.

MON – 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM
TUE – 6:00 PM
THU – 12:30 PM
SAT – 10:15 AM

Barre Burn

Ever wanted to know what a dancer’s warm up was like? Burn calories and last night’s dinner dancing to basic choreography from Street Jazz to Hip Hop.

MON – 5:00 PM

Cardio Barre

Workout without feeling like you’re doing anything challenging! This class brings the fun of movement and dance to an invigorating workout.

FRI – 12:00 PM

Met Con (Metabolic Conditioning)

Turn your body into a fat burning machine. Fitness by Zoe, metabolic conditioning will help you feel athletic, get stronger, and look leaner through a series of fun yet challenging metcon circuits.

MON – 6:30 PM
TUE – Noon