Private Training

Private training lets you focus on your particular health and wellness goals with the personal support of one of our highly skilled trainers. Passionate and dedicated, our trainers have the creativity to imagine new fitness solutions, the expertise to recognize actual limitations, and a motivational approach that encourages clients to achieve what they thought they could not. Click here to read our trainer profiles, or contact the MAC concierge for a recommendation based on your goals and personal workout style.

Krista Martins

• Studied dance under former Prima Ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada, Nadia Potts


• Choreographer

Mary Molluso

• MA in Theatre Studies
• MA in Speech/Special Education
• BA in Speech Pathology

• RYT-200+ Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
• Prema Brooklyn Yoga, 200 hr. Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification
• Integral Yoga Institute, NYC 200 hr. Hatha Yoga Certification
• Karma Kids, Teen Yoga Teacher Cerification
• The Lineage Project Yoga Teacher Certification for yoga for At-risk and Incarcerated Youth

• Beginners/Basics Yoga
• Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Gail Granberry

Gail began studying movement when she first began ballet at the age of six. Her dance background includes ballet, jazz, modern, character, contemporary, and hip hop. Through dance, she discovered Pilates and was instantly captivated. In 2009 she received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Music from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2011, she began regularly teaching a Pilates/Ballet fusion class while completing the Pilates modules, and in 2013 she earned her Pilates Mat certification from Balanced Body. Other certificates she holds are AFAA Group Exercise Certification, TRX Suspension Training Level 1 Certification, and completion of the Balanced Body Barre, Reformer, and Trapeze Table & Tower Course Completion Certificates. Gail loves to move and believes that movement is the key to happiness and a healthy mind and body.

Rosa Luna

Rosa Luna
Mobile - 718.757.0277
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"Fitness is a lifestyle not a hobby" - Rosa Luna

Sergio Chicon

Sergio Chicon is a boxing instructor personal trainer with over 11 years experience. Sergio is extremely
passionate about training. Those who work with him are easily inspired by his enthusiasm and high
energy. He also moon lights as a Stand -Up Comedian, working most of the major clubs in New York City. So, speaking and engaging a group in order to get the best possible workouts, all while making it
interesting and fun, comes naturally.

My workouts include boxing drills, core, calisthenics, high intensity interval and weight training.

• Personal Trainer Certification ID – 2731749
• Insurance:
• Policy number: 1783
• Master Policy training: PHPK805687
• Expert Rating Certified

Shannon Stowe

• MFA, New School for Drama

• ACE certified personal trainer
• AFAA certified group fitness instructor
• ACE certified Youth Fitness Specialist

• Dance: Cardio dance, Barre, Pilates/Dance Fusion
• Group Fitness: Boot Camp
• Dance styles: Jazz, hip hop, ballet, lyrical, musical theater, tap
• Certified trainer of DANCATION (created by Heath Hunter) and
• CalvinographyDance (created by Calvin Wiley)

• Over 10 years experience in Group Fitness
• Professional dancer, choreographer and actor

Thomas Estler

Thomas Estler is a movement junkie with a background in yoga, dance, martial arts, sports and massage. He currently teaches yoga, Zumba, aqua fitness, sculpt and abs classes. He creates a fitness environment of fun and acceptance for individuals and families at every level of fitness and ability. Thomas is a one-stop trainer for all fitness needs and goals whether they be cardio, toning, strength, flexibility, or back health.
When he’s not in the gym he is writing novels memoirs and comic books. He is the Director of Freedom Ladder, and organization dedicated to protecting children, and he was recently named one of New York’s New Abolitionists.

• Yoga
• Zumba
• Back Health
• Flexibility
• Core
• Gym Games
• Seated Workouts

Jay Reyes

"Exercise shouldn't be complicated. Hop on that bike, set your resistance and have fun! There will be times when you doubt yourself and ask yourself why are you doing this, but just know that with dedication and discipline, anything is possible. Once upon a time, I weighed in at an even 245lbs. Fast forward to the present, Mad Dogg & Schwinn certified, here now ready to lead you to your goals. Let's ride!!!"

Shu-Fy Pongnon

To quote a popular fitness motivator, “Fitness is like marriage. You can’t cheat on it and expect it to work.” Whether I’m leading a dance fitness class or I’m persuading an exhausted student to give me just one more push up, I put my creativity and energy into making sure every client I train enjoys a healthy, stable and long lasting relationship with fitness and wellness.

• BA in Sociology
• MA in Broadcast Journalism

• AFAA Group Exercise Instructor

• Zumba
• Group Fitness

Raydene Salinas

Raydene began practicing yoga as a way to challenge her body and maintain strength and flexibility. Her practice evolved into a more mindful one in her late twenties and has continued to morph into a space filled with enthusiasm and respect for what the body and breath can do together. She isn't afraid to challenge herself and also embraces quiet time for rejuvenation.
Her full-time gig is as a photo editor and photographer, but she also makes time to bring creativity into her yoga practice and feels compelled to share it with others looking for balance, improvement or maintenance for their bodies and in their lives

• RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

• Achilles International Marathon Guide 2012

Dee Holliday

Dee Holliday fell in love with yoga after her very first class and the love affair has only grown deeper and more important with time. Initially attracted to yoga for its physical benefits, she quickly realized that the practice has so much more to offer and Dee credits yoga with a spiritual, mental and emotional awakening. In her teaching she hopes to share the love she feels every time she steps on the mat.

Dee infuses her classes with a light-hearted, playful energy, creating a mood where students can cultivate and strengthen the relationship they have with themselves in a compassionate and loving way.

Dee completed her 200-hour teacher training certification at OM Factory School of Yoga in April 2012 under the guidance of Holly Coles and Amanda Wentworth, She gratefully acknowledges them for encouraging her to view yoga as a lifelong journey where the learning never ends. Dee completed a second 200-hour teacher training in April 2013 under Matt Giordano and Andrea Borrero at Earth Yog and a Yoga Nidra teacher training in 2014 under Shakti Assouline.

Dee completed OM Factory's Apprenticeship Program for Continuing Yoga Studies, under the mentorship of Matt Giordano.